Do you run forklift operations or other heavy duty equipment’s movement in your organization? Are you frightened of property loss and damage in your industry?
Have no fear; Omega Industrial Product has an exceptional solution against damages, accidents, and impacts as a result of forklift operations and other heavy duty equipment movement’s activities. We proudly present an industrial garage door to overcome such mishaps and damages.

We Omega Industrial Product provide three different categories of the industrial overhead door at your service. Each category of omega’s door has its own charm with respect to its functionality and purpose. We proudly discuss characteristic s


Our exceptional product, Trak-Shield have made its own worth in the industry due to its capability to propose the highest door track defense. Its capability to install at minimal cost and at fractions has added values to this product. The Trak-Shield overhead door set up directly into the building floors in minutes. Hence grant protection against heavy-duty operations.

Omega Trak-Shield Overhead Door Guard offers your company with the following advantages.



  • Utmost defense without interfering with normal door operation.
  • Easily installable.
  • Protection against front and side heavy duty operation’s impacts.
  • In terms of structural concerns, it improved durability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Easily replaceable if damage occurs.
  • OSHA approved color scheme, hence higher visibility in both light and dark.

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Z-Guard Door Guards


Our Special product, Z-Guard has made its significance in the industry due to its economically built design. Z-Guards are one of the finest products our company has to offer at your service in the category of the industrial garage door. They are easily installable directly to the building walls in order to prevent heavy duty operation’s impact and damage. Z-Guards are specifically designed for walls protection.

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Omega Z-Guard Door Guard offers your company with the following advantages.

  • Provides maximum track defense without interfering normal door operations.
  • Support interior walls of building against forklift operations.
  • If compared to conventional pipes and embedded concrete bollards, Z-Guards are more durable and cost-effective.
  • Easily replaceable if damage occurs.



Our Goalpost safety system has made its worth in the market due to its variety of availability with respect to size. This category of the industrial garage door provides utmost protection from forklifts operation and other heavy duty equipment’s movement. This door safety system has to offer a wide range of sizes.

We Omega Industrial Product make available following sizes of these door guards.

Omega Goalpost Safety Systems Doors offers your company with the following advantages.

  • These safety systems deliver high durability and cost-effectiveness if compared to structural options.
  • Comes with the anchors to the floor for easy installation.
  • Easy to replace.
  • OSHA approved the color scheme, helps forklifts driver even in low lighting conditions.

Here are some areas where you could use above-mentioned products.

They are used significantly in shopping malls. In this domain, you can prevent damages to door track by fork truck and other heavy moving equipment. Thus you prevent costly repairs. Our industrial doors are usually used in garbage door openings in heavy traffic areas. The heavy-duty protection door is sited over the door tracks as an additional shield against heavy equipment that may strike into it. These products may also be used in residential settings. Like, it can protect pathways from lawnmowers, bicycle, cars and anything else that can shatter door tracks.

Shop your desired industrial overhead door right now to prevent unexpected damages to your property, our products are truly tested and trusted.